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Reflexology & Relaxation Techniques for Caregivers

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In this hands-on workshop you will learn various Reflexology & Relaxation Techniques that will help your loved one:

  • Ease Anxiety

  • Alleviate Insomnia

  • Manage Pain

  • Sleep Better

All participants must sign up with a partner.
Both will be taking turns and working on eachother.
It is recommended that you bring a friend who is also a caregiver. 
We will be working on the feet, so come with clean feet please!

Cost: $60 per person


  • Helpful worksheets to take home and continue study

  • A laminated Foot Reflexology Map

  • A Surprise Gift!

  • A Personalized Coupon Code to receive 50% off Julie's Online Course, "A Better Bedtime"

Please sign up early. This class is limited to 8 participants.

If you would rather pay by check or cash, email Julie @

About Your Instructor


Julie Bailis is a National Certified Board Reflexologist, the owner of Replenish Reflexology and Healing Arts, and is the current President of the Reflexology Association of Rhode Island.  She is passionate about the healing power of Reflexology and wants to share Reflexology techniques with others, especially caregivers.  Learn with Julie, have fun, and discover you have in your own two hands!

Julie is also the creator of the online course, "Five Weeks to a Better Bedtime: Help a Loved One Ease Anxiety, Sleep Better, Manage Pain & Bond".