Photo Credit: Danielle Knauft

Photo Credit: Danielle Knauft

What are clients saying?

Reflexology helps put my body in a better place

"I became interested in Reflexology in the early 80's but never met anyone who practiced.  I made an appointment with Julie and have been going to her since.
Reflexology helps put my body in a better place.  I have a severe back issue as well as arthritis throughout my bones.  Julie is able to release the tension and make me more comfortable.
I would and have recommended Reflexology with Julie often and will continue to suggest people call her. Terrific!
Being with Julie for my session each week is something I look forward to.  Julie is comfortable to be with and  wonderful at reflexology."- Peg S.


My reflexology session with Julie was beyond incredible. besides being knowledgeable Julie is intuitive, which is a gift .As a Licensed Massage Therapist I know the difference between mediocre and top notch therapy.

After the session I felt an increase in mental clarity,energy and spiritual as well as physical well being;these effects increased exponentially and,unlike the effects of massage which wear off all too soon,these mind/body improvements lasted for days! - Larry T


"Beginning reflexology, I had no idea what to expect. A recommendation led me to Julie Bailis, reflexologist at Replenish, and since then I've enjoyed each time I get foot reflexology. I'm guessing each person's experience with this healing art will be different to a degree. In my own sessions, a release of positive thoughts and emotions have come to me and definitely deep relaxation. The ambiance of the space is tranquil and safe. Julie, in her skill and caring, has improved my well being."- Lauren R.


"I broke my heel in Sept of 15. I had surgery twice and I was in a cast for 12 weeks. I had P.T. For 12 weeks after the cast was removed. P.T was great and got me going pretty good but I needed something else. I spoke to Julie one day and she suggested that I do a few sessions of reflexology. I have had 2 sessions so far. It is incredibly relaxing. After each session the pain in my bad foot is minimal. It definitely helps me through the rest of my day. I recommend making an appt with Julie."- Bernie F.


"It was an amazing experience with julie, it was my first time encountering reflexology and I will definitely be doing it again! Julie made the atmosphere extremely soothing and I felt a significant difference from that one session. She is a master of her craft! I would highly recommend it to anyone that is looking to improve their health! "- Abdul M.


"Julie is an amazing practitioner. She is highly professional, gifted and a pleasure to be with. She will never disappoint!"- Laurie S.
"I have attended 3 Reflexology sessions. All have been wonderful. I leave there feeling relaxed and better balanced physically and psychologically. I would highly recommend Julie and her services."- K.R.
"I choose to have reflexology with Julie because I have foot pain from plantar fasciitis and a plantar fibroma. It was very relaxing and felt really good. I could fell my fibroma opening up and relaxing. That night I had the best night sleep ever. It seems my feet feel a little better at work, I am on them all day. I am hoping with a couple more sessions my fibroma will get even better. I highly recommend Julie's services."- Laurel L.


"I felt an overall feeling of calm and tranquility following the session. Julie was knowledgable about the process and knew just where to work on to promote a sense of well being in my entire body. "- Elaine T.


"Reflexology with Julie leave me feeling more relaxed, energized and clear-minded. After a session it’s as if I’ve received, not only a full body massage, but a full body internal organ massage as well. It’s a magical feeling because the physical work is local to the hands and feet, but the healing resonates throughout the entire body. I recommend both hand and foot reflexology with Julie."- Jerrod S.


"It was a wonderful hour that passed much too quickly. Julie is very knowledgeable and skilled. She provided an explanation and advance description of what to expect that made the the experience that much more enjoyable. Cannot wait until my next visit!!"- Selena C.


"Julie is a warm, kind soul who puts thought and care into what she does. I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with her, and my feet thank her regularly! "- K.T.


"I booked a session as a treat for myself after a crazy period- and it was incredibly restorative. Not only was the session itself relaxing, but the feeling of balance persisted well after. I strongly recommend booking an introductory session."- S.A.


"If you haven't had a session with Julie yet, you need to book one now! She offers a great introductory price and is kind, knowledgeable, and genuinely interested in making sure that you are being taken care of. I felt amazing afterward and I highly recommend her to others. Thank you, Julie!"- L.S.


"My time with Julie was wonderful! She is so knowledgeable and really listened to my concerns. I suffer from plantar fasciitis and Julie took great care to ensure my comfort. I can't wait to be back on her table feeling rejuvenated. Wonderful service!"- Anne P.


"I wasn't too sure what to expect when I first started seeing Julie. But after the first session I new I had to continue going. As a busy individual (father, business owner, athlete) I don't have much time to relax. the hour with Julie every week is a time I can dedicate to myself, close my eyes, and not worry about anything. I leave her office relieved of any stress and ready for the week ahead."- Dan R.
"Through weekly sessions my headaches completely went away and my overall mood improved.  I noticed that I slept better and my pain decreased significantly after each treatment. I love how powerful Reflexology is at healing the body while being completely non-invasive with no negative side effects, such as prescription drugs. I would absolutely recommend Reflexology to others and specifically Julie because of her skills and expertise, knowledge of aromatherapy and her general positive energy.  What a great experience!"
                       -Natalie C.
"As a guitarist who suffered a severe left hand injury many years ago, maintaining the well-being of my hand is of utmost importance, and is often difficult. I found that after my sessions, not only did I experience a “lightness” and ease in the hand’s movement but an increase in the subtle motions I need to perform. I felt a relaxation in both hand and mind that has helped me through the rough spots I encounter regularly with the injury. It has made a great difference. Thank you Julie."

                       -Andrew Z.

"I was amazed by how Julie was able to also use points on my feet to target pain and tension I was feeling in my neck and back."
                                                                                            -Stephanie S.

"It's been such a gift to be able to set time aside to try to take care of my energy in a new way... Taking time to pay attention- to notice changes, to reflect, to be more connected with what is going on internally has been wonderful. Thanks, Julie. You are inspiring!"
                                                                                      -Erika S.

"I loved my Reflexology sessions with Julie B.!  Julie made my feet and entire body feel energized with Reflexology.  Her fun and energetic style, along with her extensive knowledge of the body's energy systems, added to the entire experience..."

                                                                                       -Jackie S.