Sports Reflexology

What are some benefits ofSports Reflexology for the athlete?

Reflexology removes Lactic Acid from legs 4X faster than a regular massage.  Research studies from Monash University, Australia, have shown that foot reflexology can help remove lactic acid four times as quickly from the legs as a regular massage.

Reflexology promotes deep relaxation. Exercise is a stress, a positive stress, but still a stress. Reflexology balances that stress with a rest.  By allowing the body to experience the Parasympathetic nervous system, the body can rest, digest, and recover physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Improves Circulation. Reflexology can greatly improve circulation and decrease your recover time (post-exercise,post-competition).

Improves Immune Function.   It is important to remain healthy during games, training, or racing. Reflexology can help strengthen the immune response and keep you healthy before the big day.

Reflexology feels great.  Your feet, legs, and hands may feel lighter, stronger, and replenished after a relaxing Reflexology session.

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