Meet Maria

Maria has been coming to my classes for years and I can always count on her for a bright smile, a food recommendation, and a hilarious story.  I chose Maria for the student spotlight this month because she is a great example of someone who has been transformed by yoga both physically and mentally. Meet Maria.

What brought you to yoga?
My friend Libby asked me. I'm so grateful she did.

How has practicing yoga helped or changed you?
Yin yoga specifically has helped my back & leg injuries. Yoga is amazing in that in helps you mentally. It soothes my soul. I love Julie's yin yoga. It's a great mix of meditation & yoga.

What is one of your favorite poses?
I love legs up the wall.

Do you want to share anything else?
I have had many injuries back & leg. I feel like at Studio Yemm they help me to modify my poses so I get the most out of my practice. The instructors here are amazing. Kind & helpful. I love my Studio Yemm family.  Yoga has definitely helped me physically & mentally.