Meet Lori

At our annual Costa Rica Retreat, I remember Lori stating that her Yin Yoga Practice had taught her to not only better listen to her body, but she had learned how to better listen to her loved ones. I’ve thought a lot about her comment since then. I knew it was just a matter of time until I asked Lori to be in the Spotlight. Read on to learn more about her experience with yoga, meditation, and life.

Lori enjoying a refreshment in Costa Rica at our annual  Costa Rica Retreat.

Lori enjoying a refreshment in Costa Rica at our annual Costa Rica Retreat.

What brought you to yoga?

With two other girlfriends in high school, we sought meaning and truth, something most high schoolers usually don't care about, but we got into Trancendental Meditation and yoga.  At the time, I couldn't sit still for longer than my 17 minutes. Therefore, yoga was a passing phase, but I stuck with the TM.  Jump ahead some 30 years and I really, really needed a means to relax, stretch, and feel empowered.  Yoga found a way into my heart, soul, and body.  I've not been consistent, but when I reach out for it's soothing source, it's there for me.

How has practicing yoga helped or changed you?
Yoga has helped in so many ways as it has helped others, but personally, it has helped me to take reprieve.  I rarely react as I used to, I take the time to be thoughtful before making a move, especially on difficult decisions and with family matters.  I hold accountable others who have this approach, which I can't deny and I'm blessed to have them in my life, but yoga has made it possible to reinforce those positive restraints.

What is one of your favorite poses or yoga practices and why?
My favorite poses are:  Bridge - to help stretch out back and heart; Fish pose - for spine, opening heart, and I love Fish Pose for its meditative properties; Sphinx pose - this particular pose never used to be one of my favs, but Julie has helped me understand how important it's specific mechanics make the pose soooo much more therapeutic! --that which has changed its feeling and my ability to appreciate it.  Favorite practices: Restorative yoga (so refreshing and relaxing), Yin (for opening up all this stiff joints and facia), Hatha (for a good combo), and Yoga that awakens the chakras (in a series of classes). 

Do you want to share anything else?

I wish more humans would gather their wits and learn that yoga practices could be a major playing factor of peace and restoration in their lives.  The positive energy if taught correctly, can potentially flow and branch out to others.  So many would be kinder, gentler and more compassionate towards themselves and other living beings.