Meet Liz

What brought you to yoga?

In the 1990’s I found yoga centered me given my work and family responsibilities.  Two a half years ago I was in a severe car accident and suffered a severe concussion and injured my neck and back.  I am lucky to be alive.

How has your yoga practice made your life better?

Attention to the present moment, the breathing techniques, and experiencing the stillness of the body have improved my overall quality of life in reducing the over stimulation of the brain after having the concussion.  Yin Yoga is one of the tools in my toolbox to help in my continued recovery process to calm and balance my mind and body.


What is one of your favorite poses or yoga practices and why is it your favorite?

Whenever I feel low energy, lower back pain or need a sense of calmness, I do restorative bridge.

Do you want to share anything else?

I am grateful to the Yin yoga instructors, Julie and Lynn and Studio YEMM as a community yoga center.