Meet Kenny, Mr. February 2017


It all started when...

Kenny is a regular Yin Yoga student and can always be counted on to add humor and lightness to the class.  He has even been know to request crazy fun core work, too.  5-minute plank, anyone?  Feel free to learn more about Kenny here and make sure to say, "hi" to him if you see him in class sometime!

Now let's hear from him!

What brought you to yoga?

I met yoga by accident.  I was doing a job for a woman who turned out to be a yoga instructor, andit was something I had wanted to try for years.  She invited me to take a personal lesson, and I never stopped doing it.

How has practicing yoga helped or changed you?

Yoga has lowered my heart rate and blood pressure, improved my posture and flexibility, and has made me a more patient person.

What is one of your favorite poses or yoga practices and why?

I think Warrior II is my favorite pose.  It just makes me feel like the name. I like all the practices because the variety brings balance.

Do you want to share anything else?

It truly has been a life changer.  I would recommend yoga to everyone and anyone.  For the guys that think its for girls, they need to go to a power class!

Thanks, Kenny!

Here is Kenny having some fun in crow!

Here is Kenny having some fun in crow!