Meet Gina, Ms September 2017

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It gives me great joy to introduce you all to Gina, a practicing psychologist and a "regular" in my Yin Yoga classes.  Anyone can go to a workshop and learn about the benefits of Mindfulness, however Gina is a wonderful example of an authenticaly mindful person, practioner, and yogi. She has experienced the benefits of yoga, Mindfulness, and Meditation and shares her knowledge with her patients in a very authentic way. I have no doubt that they can see and feel the power in her practice.  Now, without further ado, here is Gina in her own words.

What brought you to yoga?

I guess you could say I've always used the philosophy of yoga practice, meditation, and stillness in my practice as a psychologist. I decided to turn my philosophy into practice after my brother in law suddenly passed away 2 years ago and watched as my sister found strength, hope, and herself through her discovery in yoga. She became my inspiration to do what I've always wanted with yoga, turn it into my practice.

How has yoga changed my life?

Yoga has instilled the calming and relaxation I need to move through difficult life experiences. I remind myself that it is just a sensation and I don't have to add my story to it. It will pass and I can let it move through. It also encourages me to practice patience with myself and others. I have been able to authentically incorporate yoga into my clinical practice to help clients struggling with a hyper aroused nervous system. I have even introduced it to my children to teach them mindfulness and emotional regulation.

What is your favorite pose and why?

Supported fish pose. I must hold all of my stress in my upper back. The stretch I get from the pose is restoring and leaves me feeling like warm butter.

Anything else?

The acceptance I receive from the instructors has been validating. One of the first statements I remember and sticks with me is, "if you're feeling it your doing it."  I don't have to look flexible or graceful. Thankfully.