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Integrative Therapy for
Stress Management

Has a  loved one or even your doctor told you that you need to "manage your stress better"?  Are you easily angered, very tired, or just feel as though you need to make some changes to improve your life?  Do you know that you are stressed and just don't know what to do about it? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, my new program might be just the thing for you.

"Integrative Therapy for Stress Management" is a program that was inspired by my popular and well-received workshop, "Stress Management: Yoga, Meditation, and Journaling".  In this program you will meet with me for 90 minutes for 4 consectutive weeks.  During our sessions we will identify your specific sources of stress and discover ways you can eliminate, minimize, and better manage your stress. In addition, we will utilize various modalities such as hands-on therapy (Reflexology), guided meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy to calm and balance your nervous system helping you better deal with over all stress in your life.  Finally, you will finish the program with practical techniques to help you be more resilient, more grounded, and more able to enjoy your life and the people around you.  Please contact Julie for more details.