Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology is often used:

  • as an alternative to Foot Reflexology when there is an injury to a foot
  • when clients complain of headaches, neck/shoulder tension, and acute pain in general.
  • when clients just love how Hand Reflexology makes them feel

Many clients feel that Hand Reflexology helps them:

  • relieve their tender, achy and overworked hands.
  •  replenish the soft tissues in their hands and in turn, helping their hands feel like new again
  • experience relaxation throughout your whole body by stimulating reflex points on the     hands
  • de-stress and feel better

If you work with your hands and need some relief or know of someone who does, book your Hand Reflexology session today!

Who loves Hand Reflexology?

  • people who work on computers
  • musicians
  • manual therapy workers (massage therapists, chiropractors,  acupuncturists)
  • people who love to crochet, knit, weave, sew...
  • people with neck and shoulder tension
  • people who suffer from headaches

Anyone with tired, achy hands can feel relief with Hand Reflexology

Hand Reflexology can help you keep doing what you what you love.