Friday March 1- Sunday March 11, 2019

This is more than a yoga retreat!

Do you want to experience Costa Rica through it's nature, animals, and people? Kellie & Julie are headed back to Costa Rica and we hope that YOU can join us!   From please join us for 9 nights at the amazing Solfeggio Retreat Center. 

Learn about the amazing intricate web of life each of is a
part of in this all inclusive eco-retreat.  Hike, Swim, Relax.  Have the opportunity to give back by planting trees, visit the beach, waterfalls, and a women's cooperative. 

Enjoy 8 nights and 9 days at the all-inclusiveSolfeggio Retreat Center. 

  • Amazing & Creative Cuisine (3 meals/day, snacks, and & fruit-infused water available)

  • Yoga offered twice a day (Yin and Restorative Yoga led by Julie & __________ by Kellie)

  • Sundown Meditations - Each night you will be giving the opportunity to listen to the tropical sounds of the rainforest transition from day to night.

  • Day trips/excursions

 Solfeggio’s Signature Educational Rainforest Hike

 from tropical forest expert and founder of Associationof Community Carbon Trees (CCT), Jennifer Smith, JD, also known as "Tree Jenny".   ACCT, is a world-model for socially responsible reforestation.

*Solfeggio will donate $25 in each retreat participant’s name to support this amazing non-profit
organization. Your $25 will plant a tree to help off-set the carbon dioxide generated by your air travel. ACCT
offers us a way to become part of a biodiverse reforestation movement that has compounded benefits close to
the Equator.

La Reina Cooperative Tour & Medicial Plant Tour

Tree Jenny will escort us to the little village of La Reina, where a core group of ACCT’s hardest working members will give us a tour of their operation, and share a medicinal plants class. We’ll have an organic lunch straight from their farms, and
they’ll crank up the trapiche and make us fresh cane juice full of vitamins and minerals. You’ll also have an
opportunity to view their wonderful collection of Pre-Columbian artifacts all found in the area around their
Volunteer at Jenny’s Tree “Vivero” aka: Nursery: We’ll spend a morning dedicated to the greater good of
plant, man, nature, and planet, all while learning more fascinating facts about trees and our global
environment. (Use or integrate excerpts from the message below, if you like.)


Join us in the ACCT rainforest tree nursery and get your hands in the dirt. Participate in
activities to produce over 85 species of rainforest trees. Clean and prepare seeds, mix compost and fill tree
bags with soil, transplant baby trees, weed and water young trees. Be part of a collaborative process to stop
rainforest deforestation. As part of a purpose inspired lifestyle, giving back to the Earth creates balance!”

La Ceiba Waterfalls

Right down the road from Tree Jenny, we will cool off in one of La Ceiba’s beautiful
Solfeggio’s Signature Educational Rainforest Hike: Learn about the amazing intricate web of life each of is a
part of, from tropical forest expert and founder of ACCT, Jennifer Smith, JD.

Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary:

Come tour Alturas Wildlife Sanctuary, where you will learn about and get to see
some of Costa Rica’s amazing wildlife. The wildlife sanctuary is a non-profit rescue and rehabilitation center
with on-site veterinary clinic for sick, injured and orphaned wildlife. The staff releases as many animals as they
possibly can, and provide lifetime care to those that cannot return to the wild. (Before our tour we’ll enjoy a
lovely lunch at Villas Alturas with its gorgeous view of the Pacific South Coast.)

Qigong at the Ceiba Tree

 At the heart of Solfeggio Sanctuary, you’ll have the opportunity to cultivate your
energy and interact with a giant Ceiba tree. Who knows what she may say to you!

We will be visiting two nearby beaches!

Playa Ventanas