Alleviating Low Back Pain

Too many dead lifts got you down?  Or is that your low back is tight and it seems that you can't get any relief?  Try this simple yoga pose call "Supported Bridge" and finally find some relief!  This is a great go-to pose for the end of a long day standing or sitting.  Your back will thank you!

It was only a matter of time

And so the time has come for me to begin my own blog, a Replenish blog.  A blog about yoga, meditation, reflexology, ways to de-stress, essential oils, simple recipes, and simple living.  A blog to end all blogs?  Not really, but I figured I would start of with a bang! In the next few weeks I hope to add some video, too.  I've had a few students suggest that I add a few yoga sequences to my site and I feel that it might be a great way to spread the word about how awesome Yin yoga, Reflexology, meditation, whole foods cooking, and simple living can be.  Keep your eyes peel for my video debut and spread the word.  "Feel better with Replenish!"