Not Enough Time in the Day? A To-Do List That Actually Works!

Love this list. Short term and longer term goals.  The "What" and "How" behind getting stuff done. Thanks,  Connie!

Love this list. Short term and longer term goals.  The "What" and "How" behind getting stuff done. Thanks, Connie!

I LOVE making lists.  I make them on scraps of paper, backs of envelopes, hidden in journals, and have even been spotted reciting lists into my phone for my phone fairy to record and file.  Although, lately my lists have become, well, overwhelming and outright intimidating.  So intimidating that after writing the list, I feel kind of sick and think, "how am I going to complete any of this before I have to pick up the kids from school? "

After a bit of lifestyle revamping I am back to my efficient self and want to share a few tricks that have helped me get my sh-- done!

1.  Always start your list with the first task being, "Write list.". That way, you know you can accomplish at least one thing on your list that day.  Phew!  You could always make task #2, "Start crossing stuff off list."

2. Separate your list by destination (i.e. grocery story, library, school...). Under those locations, write down what you need to do along with more details.

3.  Download this list.  I stumbled upon this free download as I was researching things for my business and I have found it super helpful.  It is clear, simple, split into days and a full week's goals.  I like that it highlights the goals and exactly what needs to be done.  My friend Connie over at Yoga Journal designed it and is allowing people to download it for free. Thanks, Connie!

4. And finally, don't plan on getting it all done!  If you get 3 things done on that day, smile and move on.  Do what you can and keep going.  Tomorrow is another day with another list.  Maybe you could even include, "Get sleep or take nap" on your list, remembering the importance of taking care of ourselves.  Good luck and go out there and kick butt!


The Lost Art of Asking Questions

A few months ago I added a little something special to my website.  I call it "Student Spotlight".  For full disclosure, I totally stole this idea from my CrossFit gym. They have a monthly "Spotlight Athlete" every month and I really liked the idea.  I enjoy getting to know more about fellow athletes and I thought, "Why not try it out with my own students?"  And so I did.  And the results were...amazing!