bucket list

Why Everyone Should Have a Bucket List

"Bucket list? No thank you."  The idea of a bucket list has always felt a little morbid to me quite honestly. What do I want to do before I die? Really?  Well, if you reframe the idea of a bucket list into a "to do list" then things change for me.   A "to do list"? Now that is something I can get behind! I love writing "to do lists" and usually write my "to do lists" the night before and have even titled them "shit to do lists" (I don't mince words here).  Lists help me see where I'm going and step-by-step, help me get there. So, what's the difference between a "to do list" and a bucket list? To me, a bucket list is a bit grander and more long term than a "to do" list.  Like "go to Italy one day" versus "go to an Italian restaurant this week." 

So, where am I going with this? Being a yoga teacher I often hear people say things, "I know I should do yoga, but I don't have any time, “or "I've always wanted to do XYZ, but..."  What many people are really saying is that XYZ isn't a priority to them and that is just fine.  When you think about all of the time we spend on our phones all week, can we honestly say we don't have time for XYZ?  I'm just saying that we all have time for things, it's just that we have to decide how we choose to spend that time. I realized about a month ago that I needed to re-prioritize some things in my life. I was super busy with work and I had been spending way too much time indoors on my computer.  I decided that I wanted to get outside more and I made myself a promise that I would do that.  Now, being the extrovert and out-going business owner that I am I didn't just pack up my bag and my dogs and go.  No that is way too simple for me.   I decided to open this challenge/experience up to anyone who was interested: friends, colleagues, neighbors, clients, and yoga students and anyone they wanted to invite was welcome too. And so began our weekly meet up "Sleeping Giant Through the Seasons".  We are 5 weeks into this meet up thing and it has been great!  I'm always pleasantly surprised to see who will be there and how many dogs will be there, too.  We hope to have at least one hike where the dogs actually outnumber the people, but we will see. So, what started off as something on my bucket list "Hike Sleeping Giant at least once a week" has now been transformed onto the mundane weekly "to do" list and I am so thankful for that!

So, why should everyone have a bucket list? 

Life is short and having the "woulda, coulda, shoulda's" just stinks. Go out and write that bucket list and then get to writing that "to do list" so you can make that bucket list happen. Take yourself that much closer to changing your life for the better.  And hey, if you are in the area, feel free to join us on one of your Thursday hikes! Rain or shine! Now I need to invest in some boots, yak tracks, and maybe even snow shoes. .  My pink running sneakers aren't going to cut it for long. Bring it on New England!

And since I do love lists, here are my top 6 reasons of why I love to hike "Sleeping Giant Through the Seasons"

1.     I get outside and out of my own head.

2.     I get to talk to and meet awesome people.

3.     I see strangers becoming friends before my very eyes.

4.     I witness and am part of face-to-face interactions.

5.     I get to hang out with dogs.

6.     I witness the seasons up close and personal.

See you on the trail!