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Super Easy Yummy Summer Treat

Going to a pool party, but have no time and really don't feel like giving your kids any more sugar?   I've been there.  It stinks.  I thought this might be a great time to share with you one of my secret weapons...the melon baller.  Totally dorky, I know, but this weapon can save your butt some day!  For the past few summers, my daughter and I have been whipping up healthy, beautiful, and easy fruit bowls with our handy melon baller.  Here's how you can do the same.
1.  Buy 1/2 a watermelon.
2. Start carving out balls from the watermelon.  Put the balls in a separate bowl.
3. When you have carved out most of the melon, take a large spoon and scrap out the rest of the watermelon. Put that along with the watermelon juice in another bowl. 
4. Cut out a little triangle along the edge.  Use that to easily empty the watermelon juice into a cup or bowl to use for later.

"The Magic Triangle" will make pouring much easier.

"The Magic Triangle" will make pouring much easier.

4. To make your watermelon bowl look fancy, take a very sharp knife and start cutting out little triangles along the edge (think of jack o'lantern teeth).
5. Place watermelon balls into your watermelon bowl, add any other fruits you would like (blueberries tend to look amazing.  I would skip the bananas because they get pretty soggy and brownish.  Go crazy.  
6.  What about that left over juice and not ball-shaped watermelon?  Put that in the blender with some ice and make yourself a delicious smoothie! YUM!

And there you have it.  Now go out there, buy that melon-baller, save time and make a healthy natural snack in a pretty and compostable container to boot!  Send pictures, too!