My First Couple's Reflexology Workshop was a Disaster!

When I offered my first Reflexology workshop in 2016, man was it a disaster! 
You see,I forgot to mention a few details like the fact that they would have to touch other people's feet. Since signing up with a partner wasn't a requirement, people would be working on STRANGERS' FEET!  OOPS.  To say people were freaked out would have been an understatement :).  The workshop wasn't a total failure though. I did learn a few things like:

  • Make people sign up with partner.

  • Make it clear that they will be touching their partner's feet.

  • Encourage them to come with clean feet.

    I also learned that people had particular reasons why they were learning about Reflexology.

  • manage pain

  • ease anxiety

    alleviate insomnia

    I then thought about some of the benefits I have personally experienced by practicing Reflexology on my own loved ones.
    *increased bonding
    *improved communication
    *better ability to listen to loved one
    loved one's improved ability to listen body sensations and needs

    I then decided to create my online course
    "A Better Bedtime", a course specifically created for parents. Get the FREE mini-course here.

    Most recently I offered two different workshops with couples in mind: "Couples Reflexology Workshop: Focus on Pain" & "Couples Reflexology Workshop: Focus on Anxiety".  Those workshops were so much fun to teach!

    Here are a few things that I've witness during these classes:
    *Couples improve their overall ability to communicate.
    *Each person is able to take time and really listen to their own body sensations and then communicate what they feel and need to their partner.
    *Each partner is able to improve on their ability to listen to the needs of their partner.

    And most interesting to me is that each person learns some thing new about their partner! WHAT? Some of the couples that have attended my workshops have been together for over 30 years and they even walked away with new knowledge about their partners. HOW COOL IS THAT?

    I don't know about you, but dinner and a movie sound pretty boring to me.  I know that my upcoming Couples Reflexology Workshop followed by an evening of Axe Throwing sounds like a dream date. I hope you all can join Rob (my hubs) and I as I teach and Rob helps me demonstrate how simple and easy Reflexology Techniques help you and your partner reduce pain, manage stress, alleviate anxiety, relieve insomnia, & communicate better.

    Class size is limited so sign up soon!

And keep your eyes on my calendar for more workshops in the future!

Much love,