Rest isn't Just For Babies


Many of you know me personally and know that I rarely stop.  I am a mover and a shaker and I like to DO things. It is that go-go attitude that probably drew me to meditation and mindfulness.  A few years ago I realized that I need more stillness in my life, a little more time to recover.

I need more time to just chill. Once I started to do that, I made the stark realization that I have chairs in my house that I have never really sat in and enjoyed because, well, I really don’t sit. So here it is, it’s Sunday and I am down and out with a head/chest cold. I just can’t “go”. Now, I could either complain about my situation and wish it were different (suffer) or I can accept that I have a cold and that is my body/mind telling me to chill out! And so, I sign off. I plan on napping maybe even catching up on the Netflix show, “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.” By the way, her book, “The LIfe-Changing Art of Tidying Up is our February Book Group. Please come if you can!

I encourage you all to rest, chill, sit, if you can, whether you are forced to due to illness or whether you are choosing to chill. Do it, have a great time, and then let me know how taking time out affecting your mood, thoughts, body…

That is all for now!