How Reflexology Helped Me & My Family

When I decided to become a professional reflexologist, I knew that my practice would help my clients feel better in many ways, but I had no idea how profoundly it would improve my own relationships with my children and husband.

A few nights a week, I would work on my son (who was 8 back then) at bedtime. We were told not to work on children or very ill people for more than 10 minutes, so I would only practice a few techniques on him. I figured he would enjoy Reflexology, but I soon began to notice some profound changes begin to happen.

First of all, I noticed that practicing on him changed the dynamic of our relationship. When I practiced on him, my job was to ask him how he felt. His job was to tune into how he felt. Was the pressure OK? Did he like that? How did that feel? By asking those questions, our relationship began to change. I listened to him. Mom “The Taskmaster” did not exist at bedtime. Mom “The Listener” entered the room. He listened to his body. He created a new awareness of how he felt. He gained a confidence in what he was experiencing. He even created a new language as to how he felt. Some things felt “nice”, other things felt “zingy”, “sore”, and “relaxed”. He really began to love our “reef” time together, setting a nice, calm tone before bed. By the end of my training he would ask for “the reef (reflexology)” and even request his favorite reflexes. “Mama, can you do the heart reflex? And don’t forget the Solar Plexus Reflex!”

One night, I was working on his feet and before I knew it he was sound asleep. It was then that I remember thinking, “I need to share these techniques with parents and caregivers someday!” and here I am.

Years have passed and I have used Reflexology to help my two children and my husband, ease anxiety, alleviate insomnia, manage pain, and most unexpectedly, this practice has helped me bond with all of them. My daughter is naturally cuddly and easy to snuggle with. My son, however, is now 12 (soon to be 13). He is not my little boy anymore, but at night when he is sore from too much exercise or his mind is racing for apparently “no reason at all”, he asks for the “the reef” and time stops. I become the listener, the observer. He is taken care of. We are present for each other. And soon enough, I feel the shift and notice that his eyes are closed, and I am reminded of the power of this practice.

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