The Satisfaction of Creating Something New & Awesome

What can I say? I love to create things! When I started practicing hand reflexology I couldn’t help but notice my clients’ dry and cracked New England hands. These people needed lotion ASAP! However, after learning more about many of the harsh chemicals in many store-bought lotions, I decided to try my hand at making my own lotions. I started out small with only two kinds, and with each year, I would add or change a product. This year I have stayed true to my roots and have continued to make “Relaxation Body Butter (Geranium & Orange Oil), but I have taken out the Peppermint from my original Peppermint/Lavender Body Butter, making it simply, “Lavender Body Butter”. In addition, I was compelled by my twin sister to try my hand at deodorant and I have to admit it smells amazing! So, I present to you, “Hippie Deo (for your B.O.): Patchouli”. And finally, I got a little crazy and tried making a whipped lotion. I think it came out great, except for the fact that I actually want to eat it. Cocoa Butter is the key ingredient in my first whipped lotion appropriately called, “Whipped Chocolate Body Butter”. I will be selling that in person at The Whitneyville Fall Festival in Sept. 2018 and then again in December at an artisan fair at Mountain View Wellness (date TBA). Sign up for my Replenish Newsletter below to stay up to date on Replenish News and to find out when I will start shipping my product line. It’s only a matter of time!