What to do with Anger

Photo by natasaadzic/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by natasaadzic/iStock / Getty Images

 Think about the last time you were angry.  Were you able to think clearly?  Probably not.  Anger can be blinding.  It is a reaction, not a thought-out response. What if I told you that anger can be a teacher?  It really can.  Examining what made you so angry can be very revealing.  For example, if you take the present political climate.  I know way too many people who have destroyed friendships and even family bonds over posts on FaceBook.  Go ahead and take a look at one of the posts that just really pissed you off.  What was it that made you so angry? Chances are that if your take a closer look at what made you so angry you will discover that a core belief of yours was compromised. Was it Human rights?  Animal rights?  Women's rights?  Or was it more of a personal issue? Did someone not respect you or your time? Did someone not respect the environment?  Taking a deeper look at your moments of anger can help you discover your core values.  So now what?

Once you identify your top 5 core values then you can divert the energy you spent being angry to positive change.  I was fortunate to take a wonderful business course last fall, "The Business of Yoga" taught by Justin Michael Williams and Karen Mozes (amazing teachers).  During that course we were asked to think of a moment in time that made us sad or upset.  Knowing my top 3 core values helped me discover my "Why".  It helped me answer why I was doing what I was doing.  It helped me discover what was important to me and what I wanted my business to reflect.  You don't have to be a small business owner to find benefits in discovering your own core values.  I believe that once you discover your own core values, you can take a hard look at your own life and see where your life is in alignment with your core values and where it may need some tweaking.  Asking yourself if certain activities align with your core values is a powerful way to look at your life and may lead to a powerful transformation, too. 

If you need some help identify your core values, Scott Jeffrey created a list of 200 core values.  Go ahead and circle your top 10 core values and see if your life is in alignment.  Also, Melvin McLeod recently wrote an article on Lion's Roar website entitled, "The Wisdom of Anger".  I encourage you to read it.  Here is an excerpt.

"We all experience the wisdom of anger when we see how society mistreats people. When we have an honest insight into our own neuroses and vow to change. When we are inspired to say no to injustice and fight for something better. This wisdom is a source of strength, fearlessness, and solidarity. It can drive positive change."

So, I challenge you to discover your own core values, look at your life and see where you are aligned with those core values.  Look at your life and see when you aren't aligned with those core values.  And finally, identify ways you can create positive change in the world being led by those core values.  I look forward to your thoughts.