Why Costa Rica?

Hey all, many of you know that I am co-leading a retreat to Costa Rica this March. I am SO excited about this.  Although, you might be wondering, "Why Costa Rica?"  Well, I actually went on vacation to Costa Rica with my family last April and I fell in love with the country and the people. 

In this post, I want to share with you my top 5 reasons of why I chose Costa Rica. 

Reason #1  I LOVE NATURE! 

Reason #2  They have eco-tourism down! 

Reason #3   Easy travel from place to place.

When I first learned that we were going to have to take a shuttle from the airport to the hotel and that the shuttle was going to take 3 1/2 hours I pictured the worst.  When I mean "the worst", I pictured crazy driver driving like a bat out of hell, near misses, barely slowing down at intersections, and potholes, lots of potholes.  Have I mentioned that I served as a Peace Corp Volunteer in Kenya?  Maybe it was my time in rural Kenya that fed those images of transportation...  Anyway, the travel in Costa Rica was CHILL!  Our shuttle driver was calm and most of the drivers just took their time. There was very little speeding and whole lot of "pura vida's" exchanged between drivers.  

Reason #4  Delicious and Healthy Whole food

My son is a vegetarian and I was a wee bit nervous about getting some yummy and nutrutious food in him while we were there.  To my surprise the food kicked butt.  Rice, beans, fresh fruit, juices, you name it, they had it and man, was it delicious.  I am looking forward to those Costa Rican flavors once again!

Reason #5 Adventure for  all!

While my family was there we went zip-lining, hiking, rafting, nature hunting (at night, no less), and we even got to swim in what my daughter described as "Moana water". The March retreat will be a bit more relaxed because there will be no zip-lining or rafting involved, but that's totally ok by me.  I will be ready to practice yoga, try out Qi Gong, hike, eat delicious food, nap when I want to,  and chill by the beach though. Bring it on!

What am I most looking forward to? 

I am looking forward to some "me time".  I will have the opportunity to drop all of multiple identities as "mama", "wife", "kid uber", and just be me. I look forward to unplugging from the ever-invasive digital world and tune into my natural surroundings and my inner voice.

So, if you need a chance to unplug and recharge (yes, you can do both), join us in Costa Rica March 3- March 10.  Winter will still be full swing and you will most like be craving some sunshine, too!

Check out some pictures of Solfeggio the retreat sanctuary where we will be staying.  It's amazing!



photos from trip and solfeggio