Need a Bigger House?

Last year we thought about putting our house on the market. Like many people, we felt as though we just needed more space and so we spent weeks going through our belongings and clearing space on bookshelves and walls.  It was awesome!  I ended up donating ten bags of clothing to The Salvation Army and eleven bags to the local bookstore and book bank.  Well, the day the realtor was supposed to come we realized that we actually didn’t need a bigger house.  We actually just needed less stuff.  Less stuff = more space.  Once we had cleared out a lot of our own clutter, the house had a different energy.  It was easy to clean and just felt more spacious.  Much to the disappointment of the realtor we didn’t end up putting the house on the market at all.  If you, too feel as though you are drowning in your own stuff, go ahead and take a few weekends or a few minutes a day to go through your belongings.  Look at your space and think about it how you would like it to look and feel. Then take some time separating your things into keep, donate, and throw away.  Maybe you will realize you don’t need more stuff or a bigger house.  Maybe you just need to part with things you no longer need.  Less can be more!

This month I’ll have more posts about simplifying.  I’ve got a book recommendation, cleaning products, easy dinners, and yes, maybe even some techniques on how to clean up and simplify your mind (whoa).  Keep checking in.

 In the meantime, I highly recommend you watch the movie, “Minimalism:  A Documentary About the Important Things” and take my clean up challenge.  Set your phone for a 10 minute timer, choose a spot you’ve been dying to clean up and get to it!  It could be anything (even your inbox).  After only one week, you will be impressed by what 70 minutes spending clearing clutter could look like!  Good luck!