In Moments of Darkeness There is Light

I am excited to be one of the readers at a Women's March Support Meditation this Saturday at my favorite local used books store.  I personally, know many people who will be heading down to DC (and to other cities in the U.S) to be part of Women's Marches all over.  My thoughts will be them on Saturday.  I hope many of you who can't march can join me at the Support Meditation, however, if you can't I have another challenge for you!  Read on.

With the upcoming Inauguration and Nationwide Women's Marches taking place, the next few days may be  full of uncertainty, unrest, and possible violence. And so, in this short and sweet post, I challenge  you to see the  light.  No, not in a Pollyanna kind of way, but in a challenging, "this is not easy" kind of way.  Honestly, we all know that bringing your attention to the negative is easy. Negative news can be appealing and eye-catching, however negative news can also leave you with a hangover with feelings of hypervigilance, anger, and  pessimism.  Seeing the positive, seeing the light in dark situations, now that can be hard!  Seeing the light can also instill hope and replenish your mind and body.  With a replenished mind and body you CAN go on to tackle another challenge.  Being inundated with stress-inducing news may only lead you down a road of helplessness and fatigue.  What positive changes can you make if you are coming from a place of reaction and depletion?  So, I challenge you to see the light today and in the weeks to come.  

Feel free to send me examples of the light you have seen during these challenging few months. I would love to hear from you!